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Nail Art Ideas 2010 - Ladybug

What’s red, black, and cute all over? A ladybug! Ladybugs are adorable little bugs that are often seen in the spring and summer on flowers and sunning themselves on the sides of the wall. Ladybugs are popular inspirations for many different fashions, from little girls’ dresses to shoes and hair bows. Ladybugs are the perfect inspiration fornail art, as their markings are great complements for many different outfits.

Nail Art Ideas 2010 - Ladybug-1To make your nails look like ladybugs, first paint your nails red. Using black polish, add a V-shaped smile line along the cuticle, and about halfway up the nail. Then using a stylus, add black polish dots to make the ladybug’s dots. Add topcoat to make the look complete. This style doesn’t take very long to do, but it is very attractive and always fun. If you want to make it seem the ladybug’s head is at the other end of your nail, just change the position of the black V-smile line.

Nail Art Ideas 2010 - Ladybug-2Ladybugs are always in fashion, and this quirky little design with let everyone know that you are a lot of fun. The ladybug design is a simple way to bring a touch of style to any boring outfit, or to just make all of your best friends jealous.
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