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Sleeved Black Dresses

Different Styles of Black Dress Shirts
Sleeved Black Dresses
There are many different ways you can wear a black dress shirt. The most common you will find among men is the button down with a collar. You can get a short sleeve version or a long sleeve version, whichever you choose. I have seen people wear just the black dress shirts that are button down and have long sleeves or the short sleeves that are button down. It all depends on your style and look that you want. I have seen lots of people wear black shirts that are just polo's with 2 buttons and they look great. I have some of them myself, there is really no specific rule to what you can do or wear with a black dress shirt.

Sleeved Black Dresses
I personally like all dress shirts that are button down. There is much more professionalism in that look if you ask me. People will take you more seriously if you are a business man if you wear a long button down shirt vs. short sleeve polo. You can even wear a white suite with a black dress shirt. I have seen so many things done or what we might call attempted with a black dress shirt that it is amazing.

Sleeved Black Dresses
I have seen a guy wear white pants and white dress shoes with a black shirt. I thought it looked really good and so did a few other people, my significant other say it didn't look to good. I think it just might have been the individual that it didn't look good on. She told me she would like it on me. Anyways, just keep in mind you want to wear a shirt with buttons.

Sleeved Black Dresses
If you wanted to know who invented the black dress shirt I will give you one guess. Here's a hint, they have been around for over 100 years. They sell a lot of shirts today and they are very fairly priced. Brooks Brothers out of NYC have been around forever and a day.
Sleeved Black Dresses
A shirt has a few things that you want to make sure you look for. It should have some of the collar that will be pleated along with the sleeves. Make sure you also look to see that it has all the buttons on it when you buy it. Try a shirt on and if you can't then get the person there to measure you. If you go to Ross or somewhere like that then you are probably not going to be able to get someone there to measure you. If you have an in-law that can do it or even ask your mother. The department stores will measure you for free so you might wait till they have a sale and go to Belk's to buy a shirt.

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