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Neon crackle party

Hi everyone! My first crackle mani! The first time I saw the effect of crackle polish I absolutely hated it, I thought it looked disgusting and swore I'd never ever be seen with it! Guess I have to take a few words back, lol. 'Cause I kind of like it, not loving it but without a doubt liking it. In black it has something similar to the leopard print and it looks gorgeous on neons, so that's what I did for this mani. Most of the time neons are very sheer and even reveal VNL after many layers of polish. That's why I always use a white base underneath which gives an opaque finish but also makes the colors so bright that it looks like they're glowing. But being so sheer also gives a funny side effect: you can layer them just like highlight markers which leads to new colors. For the mani I used Color Club's Warhol, Almost Famous and Chelsea Girl, a pink, yellow and blue neon. Caused by the layering you can also see some purple and orange. (Had I used blue and yellow next to each other more often, there also would've been some green.) There's a whole rainbow yet to be discovered! So I'll definitely be experimenting more with layering neons. Oh and by the way, the black crackle I used is from Barry M Nail Effects :)
How are you guys thinking about crackle? Absolutely hating it, totally loving it or starting to?

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