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Basic Guides on How to Dye Wedding Shoes

Dye wedding shoes is a wonderful option to customize them and to get the exact color that you have desired to wear on your wedding.

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Sometimes you may be required to dye your shoes to match the outfit that you wear for different occasions. Buying a pair of new shoes every time while attending parties and functions is indeed a costly affair. When you color your old pairs, it renders them an entirely new look. This dye wedding shoes concept was first introduced by the Dyeable Shoe Store that offered a huge collection of dyeable shoes for weddings and proms. Their products were 'color fast' and 'water resistant', assuring that the tint of the shoe would not fade even if exposed to water.

The steps below shall explain how to dye wedding shoes.

Green Wedding Dye Shoes with Ribbon Ideas
You should know that not all shoes are dyeable and the exception is rubber and plastic. Shoes that are made up of cotton, silk, satin, suede or canvas can be dyed easily. Dyeing leather is a little tricky and special types of dyes are available for this purpose. Clean your shoes with a wet wipe and remove every trace of dirt and grime. Allow your shoes to dry completely before applying the dye. You can wear a pair of gloves to protect your hand from dirt and the stains.
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Pack a bunch of tissue papers inside the shoes before you start to dye wedding shoes. This will prevent the color from spreading into the interior as the tissue papers will act like an absorbent. You can dilute the color with water if you want a lighter shade or else use concentrated dyes to achieve a bright texture. Shoe dyeing brushes are provided along with the kits and you can use them for staining your shoes. A few brands of shoe dyeing kits are not equipped with brushes. In such cases, you can use a thick, smooth bristled painting brush to color the pairs.
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You can apply another coat to fill up the gaps that are more likely to be present on your shoes after application of the first coat. Make sure that the back portion of shoe is dyed uniformly. Apply coats on the heels and check that every part has been covered. Once the shoes have been dyed completely, you can allow them to dry. Do not expose them to sunlight as the color might fade away. Air dries the shoes in room temperature to achieve the exact color and texture. You can decorate your wedding shoes with glitter and ribbons once they have dried completely.

Now that you know how to dye wedding shoes, you can easily customize your bridal footwear. It's always suggested to try the dyeing process first on a pair of spare shoes and then apply finally on your wedding pair. If nothing is ready at the last moment, then you can order custom dye wedding shoes from the Dyeable Company.
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