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Wearing Sleep Bras To Protect And Support Your Breasts During Sleep

Sleep bras is piece of underclothing worn overnight to protect and support the breasts during sleep.

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These bras are generally made from soft fibers with smooth construction that makes them more comfortable to sleep in than daytime bra. Also called leisure bras, sleep brass do not have under wires, the metal piece providing support at the base of many daytime bra cups, but they do often have molded fabric cups. Usually, the molded cups provide gentle support and are stretchy rather than firm.

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Most of the time, sleep bras is worn to give large-breasted woman comfort and support in addition to what is provided by her sleepwear. Sometimes, sleep brass can be worn by patients who have had recent surgery on the breast area. Expectant or nursing mothers might also wear sleep brass to help them deal with the enlarged breast area that often comes with pregnancy. Sleep brass can also be worn to cover the breasts for extra modesty in shared sleeping situations.
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Sleep bras is usually made from cotton blended with an elastic synthetic fiber, like elastane, which is also known as spandex. This creates fabric that has stretchy support but is soft to the touch. Some sleep bras are made with synthetic fibers only, leaving out cotton in favor of soft microfiber nylon with spandex. Generally, sleep bras has wide straps on the shoulders, softly molding cups and gentle band that provides smooth support without causing tightness or pinching.
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The soft and flexible sleep bras bear many similarities to light sports bra, but usually has softer fabric and lighter support. The shaped cups in sleep bras help keep the breasts in place while lying down, which can provide large-breasted woman comfort in more sleeping positions. These bras generally do not clasp in the back to avoid creating discomfort for back sleepers.
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