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How To Remove The Eye Makeup

            If you wear an eye makeupand having trouble in removing eye makeup? Many people know to apply makeup but they don’t know to remove it properly. Particularly leaving eye makeup as it is before going to bed can be result in getting makeup in your eyes and cause irritation and may result in infection. Since the skin aroun the eye is more sensitive, extra care is to be given while removing the eye makeup.Here is the great tips for removing the eye makeup without it’s trace.

Olive Oil
            Olive oil is an excellent makeup remover without causing irritation to your skin. Olive oil is also condition your eye lashes. Soak a cotton ball in olive oil. Wipe gently over the eye. Pinching the cotton ball tightly can be more helpful while removing the eye makeup. For more result, Slightly warm the olive oil and wipe it. After removing the makeup gently wipe eye with washcloth.

Baby oil
            The baby oil is the easiest way to remove the eye makeup.  It is the most affordable and pain free way to remove makeup. Wet the eye area in water. Apply baby shampoo or oil in eye area. Massage it untill makeup removes. Finally wash with lukewarm water.

            Like olive oil and baby oil, vaseline also a low cost product to remove eye makeup. Apply vaseline in your eye area.gently wipe it and use dampe cloth to remove it.You can also use Q- tip to remove eye liner or shadow. Do not rub hard when you removing vaseline because irritation may occur.

Eye Makeup Remover
            Really I recommend effective eye makeup remover. I suggest Nivea or Neutrogena Eye Makeup Remover. Apply eye makeup remover to a cotton ball and ensure it wet enough to remove eye makeup. Appy it to your eye lid and lashes. Leave it for some minute. Swipe it off using washcloth. If You find any trceof makeup then do it again. Using a Q- tip will help to remove eye makeup that is closer to the eye lashes.
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