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How To Fix Your Eyebrows


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How To Fix Your Eyebrows

Makeup offers certain tricks to improve our factions, and hence our appearance. The shape of our eyebrows often determines the expression of our face. we show you how to fix your eyebrows.
Following these simple tips will not problem if you have eyebrows sparsely populated areas or if you do not like the color. The idea is that you learn to fill them to make them with natural appearance.
How to fix your eyebrows :
Choose the color: If you clear eyebrows choose a pen two shades darker than your natural color. On the other hand, if your eyebrows are very dark, must use a pen two shades lighter. This is the correct measure of color to fill your eyebrows without being "coloured" or drawn.
Fill eyebrows: begins with short strokes in areas where you do not have many eyebrows, the idea is to fill in the spaces. It's not draw a border in the eyebrow, because we need it to look natural. When you finish filling the gaps, you can begin to pass the pencil gently through the eyebrow.
Eyebrow brush: use this brush helps to blur the color and mix it with your natural eyebrows.
Transparent mask: finally Combs your eyebrows using a transparent mask. It will help maintain the hairs on your site throughout the day and the color lasts much longer.
As you can see, with this simple routine you better the look of your eyebrows and your face in general.
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