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Tips Tricks Sensual Lips


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Tricks To Have Sensual Lips 


Cute lips offer an extra beauty to the face, because if they are well-maintained you can increase your sensuality without using very strong lipsticks, depending on your tastes you can opt for singles, or dramatic lips but that Yes, with a visibly healthy skin. Following a few simple steps, you can prepare the skin of your lips and get a very sexy look. Don't miss them


Like the skin of the entire body, lips need to be cleaved from time to time, so you will create a smooth surface and uniform that lipstick can cover well, because the color not adheres correctly if you have dry or flaky skin. A simple way is to use a bit of cocoa butter for a few minutes and then gently move the toothbrush to remove dead skin.


Apply a moisturizer to lips, because this is complemented perfectly with any lipstick. Also, if you consume the right amount of water, your lips will benefit.

It protects

To avoid that the lips dry with temperature changes, if you expose to the Sun used a cream with sunscreen, if it is a cold climate use a moisturizing balm.


 If you want to improve the shape of your lips you can "draw them", used a spell in cream around them and give it the way you want. This also helps you avoid the lipstick to run.

It delineates and paints

To complement the correction of lips you delineate them, this will give you the main frame to paint you lips. Then, apply the lipstick of your choice; If you want to add a little volume, apply a bit of gloss in the center of the lip, avoids lead towards the corners.
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