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How To Get Soft and Attractive Lips

Wish you could have soft,smooth and attractive lips?? Now you can have Gorgeous lips.  Here is the simple tips to get soft lips.

Step 1:

         The first and important is water. Drink a lot of water as much as you can.  It is essential to drink water to keep your lips and body hydrated. Sometime you feel like you body asking water.avoid it. Drink plenty of water.

Step 2:

           The next step is moisturizing your lips. Put a moisturizer or chap stick on your lips as it protect your lips from crack or peel. A little bit of chap stick underneath your lip gloss or lipstick is good.

Step 3:

           Exfoliate your lips regularly as it remove dead and dry skin on your lips. The simple home made remedy is sugar wiht water. Apply it on your lips for few minutes and wash it. Your lips will be perfect soft.

Don't Do:

       Do not brush your lips too hard.
       Don't share your lip balm as it spread germs.
       Be careful with lipstick as your teeth don't want lipstick.
       If you are using honey make sure it is not fake. fake honey make your lips harder too.
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