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Detachable Smart Jewels: New Accessory Trend

Today with soaring prices you can’t either afford to buy expensive jewellery or indeed lose what you already have! So, what do you do? The answer to this comes in a shape and form of detachable jewellery. This type of adornment ensures that you no longer have to keep your signature jewellery pieces in the safe. 

Yes, this is the New accessory trend that is creating waves amongest the fashion frat. Detachable jewellery allows you to chic, elegant and classy on every location. But what exactly is detachable jewellery?. The answer is simple: When worn as a complete piece, the jewellery is heavy rich and opulent but the piece can be rearranged to give you a lighter look that suits both formal and casual locations. 

        For instance, You can wear a heavy necklace to a wedding but you can take it apart and wear the pendent as a brooch and the band around your neck as choker. In short the detachable jewellery can be reassembled and worn in more than one way.

        Today the accent is on multi occasional jewellery. So if you have some old jewel that you don't wear because it is far too old fashioned  or opulent get it converted into detachable designs.

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