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Wedding Gowns Of Some Cultures

We used the traditional white wedding dress and clothes to look worn by brides. According to tradition, the white robe of virginity of the bride she is to represent. However, all the wives of the world are the traditional wedding gown, as she tied the knot with her fiance. All countries and cultures have their own traditional wedding clothes, and it is very interesting to know.

For example, for American Indians is a long dress that is made with lots of fringe and beads decorated with many, which are traditionally worn by the bride. The colors of clothing represent different directions, like North and South.
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For Africans, traditional bridal jewelry materials found with bright colors and bold are together. The bride wears a hat gels, a wraparound skirt iro, a shawl and a blouse iborum Buba.
While most brides in the world with stick white dresses for their marriage, Chinese brides are different because they use a bold red color in their wedding dresses. Chinese culture believes that red is the color of happiness, and if the Chinese people he uses as an essential element in most practices they have, such as weddings. The wedding dress and place a lantern decorations are in red. In the northern part of China, the traditional wedding dress from a piece of clothing called Qi Pao. It is richly decorated with gold and silver. While in the southern part of China, the bride wears a traditional Cheongsam or Qun Gua Kwa or. These are combinations of two parts of garments with Golden Dragon Phoenix or embellishment. If arranged marriages are still practiced in China in general, the bride wore a red veil during the ceremony. There will be removed to reveal her face on their wedding night.
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In Hispanic culture, brides usually wear a tight dress with a bolero over it. An alternative is a dress in the style of flamenco. Mantilla veil Spanish influence is worn by brides traditional Latin American and Mexican. In addition, a bride can wear the dress down from her grandmother and mother died, as a way to show their pride for their families and as a way to honor the ancestors. Under the wedding dress that has a lingerie they symbolize the red ribbon, blue and yellow passion, money and food, all brides want their wedding to be sewn. No traditional Hispanic bride would wear pearls on her wedding day, while people who believe that these pearl like tears, mourning the marriage may be present.

India Brides wear red and white saris. These colors symbolize purity, wealth and fertility. In the days before the wedding, the bride in front of the painted hands and feet with henna complex. These paintings are called mehendi by the female members of the family.
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In Ireland, the brides often dress with blue color of happiness. Green is not a color for brides to wear, because the Irish people who believe it to draw some disturbing tales. Many other wives would hate it if their clothes were torn, Irish brides consider, however, on how to sign all the best.
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