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Fantasy Arabic Eye Makeup Tutorial


It is a well known fact that Arab women have the most beautiful eyes in the world. The poetry often speaks of the majesty of his look compared with the sunset or the glow of the morning. There is a poetic metaphor between heaven and the eyes of women. For this reason, the Moorish inspired makeup often capture the colors and shades of blue dome ... there are many shades of gold, symbolizing the light of dawn, reds and oranges reminiscent of the clouds of sunset and finally the deep blues and violets involve us in the mystery of the starry night.
The implementation of this type of makeup is not too complicated. It basically consists of a set of two or more layers of shadows that are fading on each other, as in eye makeup "smoky", but this time, rather than upward, we will do towards side to get an almond shape.
Since this time, we will work with more of cosmetic than usual, it is essential to use a prebasic shadows to the finish is uniform and set better.
Then apply a lighter shade from the tear to the middle of eyelid (remember you must go only to the center of the eye, the pupil can you serve as a guide). In the video shown at the bottom of the page you can see that the makeup artist used a cream shadow in pencil in to the Wild Essence eye pencil 01, of a bright golden color. To intensify the effect, makes a light stroke of powder eye shadow in gold also.
Then we follow the work by applying the second shadow contrast. This time, we have chosen an orange-red very similar to making the sky during a sunset. We begin with this shadow outlining the lower lid flush with the tabs and then shade the other half of the eyelid to the boundary with the fixed eyelid. The red shadow will extend outward reference to the end of the eyebrow. The goal is to make an almond shape in our eyes. We have also carefully blur the line between red and gold.
the arch of the eyebrow shadow light that catches the light and emphasize the contrasts. In this case, is used Velvet Matt Catrice 060 nude beige.
Then take a shadow brown earth and apply it at the ends of the eye under the lower eyelid to the outer part of the eyelid.
Rowing disappears again carefully this shadow with red. Finally, we outlined our eyes with MAC liquid liner and apply the mascara. Put a bindi on the forehead area of ​​the result will be spectacular !

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