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Simple Tricks to Get Perfect Lips

The lips are the most prominent feature of the face, next to the eyes. So, if you are trying to look perfect, then it is essential to know how to get perfect lips.

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So, you want to have the perfect lips? Well, I don't blame you, they are quite an asset. More so, the perfect pair of lips can really make your face look brighter, happier and more perfect! So, are you ready to know how to get a perfect set of lips? Well I must first warn you because following the steps given in this article may make you way more attractive than you appear and may bring the occasional, irritating pick up lines.

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Make sure that you exfoliate your lips on a regular basis. Always remember to moisturize your lips well after you exfoliate them. Else they will get more dehydrated than before. Weekly exfoliation should be enough; however, the time gap can be flexible as per convenience and requirement.
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Drink plenty of water. The first body part to show the effects of dehydration are your lips. Drinking enough water in the day will make sure that your lips don't look dry, rough or chapped. More so, every time you feel your lips getting a little dry, drink water. This will moisten them instantly. More so, drinking enough water helps make the skin glow as well, giving your face a healthy and picture perfect look.
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Nightly moisturizing is the key to perfect lips. Make sure that you apply a thick layer of moisturizer on your lips before you go to bed. The layer should be thick enough so that your lips look white. Over the night, your lips will absorb the moisturizer and it will dry out. By morning, you will have full, soft and kissable lips. The moisturizing action will help avoid wrinkles around lips as well.

You could opt for Botox and fillers as well, but these tricks are for those who are not able or willing to spend thousands of dollars, pounds and rupees on those treatments. Several people have tried out these methods and seen positive results. However, the treatment time may differ, so it is best not to get impatient.
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