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The Best Way to Look Pretty

How to look pretty? Girls just can't get enough of this question. It is normal for women to want to look pretty, not for men, but for themselves.

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So, be it the hot girl on campus, or just the girl next door, everybody wants to look presentable. Sometimes women prefer to look pretty for men, other women, society, out of habit, out of expectation, or for themselves. I believe that everybody, men and women, should care about their looks for themselves. Anyway, whatever your reasons just follow these few steps and you will surely look very much like your pretty self!

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So, you are rushing to get to work, college or school. You are running out of time and you overslept. Well, it is simple; make sure you comb your hair well. No knots and everything in place. Wash your face well and brush your teeth. Take a shower and use a good deodorant or perfume. Put on clothes that suit you, and that you are comfortable in. Wear your gorgeous smile, and head off to your destination.
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All women are born with a beautiful face, you are no exception. So, stop trying so hard to look attractive and give your true face a chance to work the magic. Keep your skin clean and healthy. Do not leave make-up on all night, wash it before you sleep. Moisturize your skin regularly and keep it as make-up free as you can. Make sure you shampoo your hair and take proper hair care.
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Do you think that no matter how well you are dressed, and no matter how expensive your jewelry, you will look pretty with a frown on your face? I don't think so, a personal survey recently established that even if a woman wears the best clothes or frequents the most happening places, she will not be considered pretty if she does not smile and greet people well. Smile when you greet people, and treat everyone with respect and love. Talk with love and make sure you smile and laugh.

All these tips work wonders not just to make an impression on a person's sight, but on their heart as well. Build a personality, not a look. That is what lasts forever. This is where I sign off!! Get gorgeous baby!!
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