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The Different Styles Of Braided Belts that Available Nowadays

If you're bored of those plain old leather belts that have been around since the beginning of time, how about a braided belt or patent leather? Stick on for more on these belts.

Levis 501 jeans braided belt black leather jacket models
Accessories are a sure way to jazz up your outfit. Be it necklaces or earrings, they all add an appeal to your getup like nothing else can. While there are a bunch of accessories to choose from, certain accessories like belts are unisex and are popular with both, guys and girls. While there was a time when girls didn't have much to choose from, guys didn't have much more than the standard belt either.

Gold Braided Belt Images
Today, however, there is so much to choose from, it's almost confusing when you're out shopping for the good looking add-ons. Girls have so much to choose from, it's possible to find something to work well with every outfit if you really want to do that. Guys too have more than they did previously. The braided belt is one such style. With so much improvement in both, quality as well as style, the braided belt pattern seems to have evolved too.
gold faux leather braided belt snake skin weave
Apart from the standard size, you will now find thick belts, skinny belts, leather belts, etc. The plaited style looks great in the skinny pattern, as does it in metallic colors. In fact, these belts are one of the more popular fashion accessories for teens as well.
Hemp Celtic Braided Belt Shown in Natural Hemp Picture
Apart from the conventional blacks and browns, there are a ton of colors for girls to choose from. Imagine accenting a well fitted pair of black skinny jeans with a skinny red belt. The standard sized belt also works well with practically every kind of outfit. Though it is denims that are best paired with this accessory. Stores and brands to check out are Forever 21, Michael Kors, Dockers, Guess, and Cole Haan. Also check out website like forever21, urbanoutfitters, and other online fashion retail stores.
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