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Blue And Green Eyeshadow


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Blue And Green Eyeshadow 


When choosing the color of eyeshadow, lots of factors to consider. A Fashion expert is one factor that makes people follow the advice of people who are in the fashion industry. Some fashion experts advise not to use blue or green for eye makeup, but some women want to use color - the color for everyday makeup. If you want to know if these colors can be used and how your eye makeup looks so beautiful, so make sure you read the following information.
One of the trendy eyeshadow color is blue and green. No matter what people say in the fashion industry, the blue color can look good whatever the color of your eyes. The green color can also look beautiful. There are so many kinds of green and blue, and both will make your eye makeup looks beautiful when you choose the right color.
When you choose eyeshadow, look for two colors, dark and light. So you can try the technique gradation from dark to light on your eyelid. If you are a conservative in the type of eye makeup, a lot of ways to make your eyes look beautiful. By trying to unify both dark and light colors, you can get the eye makeup is beautiful.
Use blue or green eye makeup everyday. Following the advice of a fashion expert is good, but sometimes you have to try it yourself to see the results instantly. Look for some kind of blue or green and then try to apply on your eyes. You will be pleased to see the makeup and the effects of gradation from dark to light. Whatever the color of your eyes, you will find the color and hue that suits you.
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