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Learning the Technique of Walking Gracefully With Your Pair of High Heels

Scared of wearing high heels? Not comfortable walking with those fancy high heels? Here's the solution.

How to wearing high heels
Most of the women love to wear those sexy high heels. Undoubtedly, these look very stylish and instantly spice up your attire. Walking in the right way and looking comfortable while you wear high heels is an equally essential part. Walking in high heels is not a highly difficult task as many think. All you need to do is practice, practice and practice! Yes, the more you wear it and walk, the more comfortable will you be. Well, if you want some tips on wearing high heels and precautions to take, just keep reading.

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If the fear of falling off or looking awkward while walking is what's keeping your feet off that ultimate pair of high heels, then just follow these tips.

Those wearing high heels for the first time must particularly pick the medium high heels. Those up to 2 inches of heels are best for you. Well, if you already have those and want even bigger heel you can go for the one with 3-4 inches of heel. Also, it is a smart idea to go for a broad base high heel instead of the pencil heels. Once you are comfortable with that added height you can consider buying the pencil heels. If you already have worn high heels you can more easily get adjusted to those pencil heels. Strapped sandals are best for the first timers, as these give that added support.
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Once you have bought the piece, practice standing. Yes, wear it and stand in front of the mirror. Remove and again wear it. Make sure you stand upright. Now turn side to side, turn around at one place, keeping your posture upright and be relaxed.
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Now, it's time to move forward. Start walking. A good idea is to have a long mirror and long empty passage in front of it. Now wearing high heels start walking from end of the passage towards the mirror. Be slow, upright, don't lean forward, and look straight into the mirror. Most women make the mistake of looking at the shoes as they walk, don't do this. With the mirror in front you'll get into habit of looking straight.

Concentrate on your legs while walking. Keep them straight and close to each other while walking. Take short strides. Also, point your feet straight and not sideways. While walking you must place your heel on the ground first and then the ball of your foot. Turn around and go back. Once you are comfortable walking straight, walk in curved patterns, turning, reducing and increasing your speed. Let me tell you that this will give you complete control while wearing high heels.

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