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Smoky Eyes Makeup 2012


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Smoky Eyes Makeup 2012


Smoky Eyes Makeup 2012

This style of eye makeup has been the absolute leader during the year that we are living since appeared as a black touch for elegant winter nights, and was able to maintain the pull all summer, preparing it in a delicious and very colorful with any shade of the color palette.
Back in the fall, and already thinking about the beginning of winter, the smoky eye makeup  will be kept, only that will capture even greater extent on the upper eyelid, as if to steal his own space to eyebrows, since it is not content to remain under its frame, but is confused with them.
For this it is essential that we maintain a considerable width of eyebrow to choose the style of hair, because, year after year, the tightness disappears and the arch very pronounced, giving way to a more populated straight eyebrow, but maintain cleaning the hair and femininity that characterizes a well-dressed woman.
As for the pigmentation of the shadow, the deepest blacks account for most of the work performed with this technique. Very dark shades thick textures, high coverage, where we see black pigment added. Once again, disappearing highlights and glitter. A matte shadow completely charred.
As a play of color, light and shadows can make lowering it a bit with a crimson tone, which you can add a little sparkle in gray, which always soften your look. The tendency of the eye makeup is accompanied by a nude lip, where before there was a red passion.
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