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Essential Products For Perfect Eyes


Eye Makeup Styles


Essential Products For Perfect Eyes 


Learn how to apply makeup correctly requires much practice and give with the technique and the style best suited to each one of us and also to the different occasions and times of day that we need to look to what image. Starting from a very natural look up to the most sophisticated, eyes play a very important place in the final outcome that we can reach projecting makeup in one way or another.
In this way we find simple makeup to look a simple line and a touch of mascara, even transparent, up to the most complete in which chromatic shades combined and degraded Games take the leading role. But as almost everything in life, there is a middle ground and consists in a makeup of eyes with the necessary kit and that provides you a framed very visible and attractive.
Although this technique could be described as total-black initially, you can also use it in other colors like brown, but the result is completely different. For this you need an eyelash curler,eyeliner,shadow, highlighter and mascara. All these items are essential to achieve a perfect eye makeup. All this without the foundation you will use on the upper eyelid and correction necessities for less if this is your case.
The pen you use to the line below, may complete the line to the total tear and even making a V that goes to the top, where as you will make a fine line with eyeliner to the outside with a slight upward termination. Then be applying the shadow on the eyelid while subtly blending away and complete the game with a touch of highlighter under the framework of the eyebrow. Get used to the lashes before applying mascara, you will see how to magnify your eyes.
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