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Mummy skittle

Hi guys! Yesterday I've posted my second Essence-only skittle. But as you may know by now, I'm not able to leave a skittle blank for too long, sooner of later the skittle gets bored and starts begging me for a little party. So that's what I gave it and it was mummy-themed.

And if you've read my blog regularly, you'll also know how I love mattifying my manis. And... that's how I messed up my skittle. See those little white spots? That's my Essence matt topcoat getting old. The poor fellow's been working too much and now he can't do his job properly anymore. The first time I had this problem, I just thought I hadn't been careful enough and that those spots were just dust floating in the air or something. But the spots weren't ON the surface so I could lift them up with my tweezers, they were IN the surface and had no intention of getting out. Then I noticed how I always ended up with those spots after I mattified it. So I bought a new bottle of matt topcoat and problem solved. The spots were caused by applying the matt topcoat with too thick coats which eventually happens as the polish gets goopier as it gets older. New bottles have a thinner formula and don't have that problem. So I added some thinner to my old bottle and now it's as good as new again. I absolutely loved my Essence matt topcoat, it works and it's cheap, so I was pretty bummed when I discovered those white spots - its only downside. But fortunately we've cleared that problem and now we're BFFs again. The end :)
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