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3 Tips Best Corrector

3 Tips Best Corrector: Makeup serves one purpose: to create the illusion. Makeup can create the illusion of perfect skin, small nose, large eyes and lips are smooth. But when the makeup is used casually in the beauty of dishes, it can increase wrinkles, enhance the appearance of scars and make the pores look like moon craters.

In three simple steps, you can use the true power of makeup to conceal acne damaged skin.

Step 1: Prepare your skin with moisture

When working with cosmetics, skin of your canvas. Before applying makeup, you want your canvas clean and moisturized. Something to do make-up is smooth to use a combination of rosewater and vitamin E oil mist moisture. To do this, fill sprayer with 2 ounces of rose water, then remove the 9:55 drops of vitamin E in the bottle. Place the nozzle on the bottle, shake the contents for 30 seconds, so that the oil is evenly distributed, the aerosol. You can get all this for $ 10 at your local pharmacy.

Step 2: Get the right liquid foundation

The Fund is called the "foundation" for the critical mind. If you get your foundation wrong, no matter what you do for your skin, your makeup will always be so bad. That's what I mean. You have to match your foundation is not only skin but also the texture of the skin and your need for concealment of skin damage.

For example, you have a cool base, ideal for people with skin is almost flawless. Then you have a semi-matte foundation for people who may just want to soften some age marks or freckles that cover their faces.

Then you have full coverage matte foundation. Choose this type of foundation, if you are guilty of "caking on" makeup to hide your flaws. Using a full coverage matte foundations allows you to place a thin layer of makeup, keeping unwanted skin imperfections.

Step 3. Take a full make-up

After you've enjoyed the whole day hiding place of his success, it is time to completely remove the makeup. The easiest way to find out your skin thoroughly cleansed and the makeup is really not what you really think your skin to breathe. You can remove makeup without stripping the skin using a cotton square and witch hazel. Soak the stain with witch hazel and smooth face. Once you're done, instead of cotton, should get more makeup. This cleaning step also helps to reflect the other skin blemishes.
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