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Curl Your Hair:

The curly hair become popular too!!Here I show you how to curl your hair to get beachy waves like Mila Kunis . The secret to this look lies in the technique, but also the haircut. Beachy waves work best on medium-length to long hair that has long layers cut into it.

Here is it!

  •  The first thing you have to do is wash your hair and if you intend on going out that day then wash your hair at night because you might not want to be seen with your new wet hair style. After you have washed and conditioned your hair make sure you comb it through with a wide toothed comb to get out any knots. 


           Separate hair into three sections, securing with a ponytail holder.(It's easier this way to curl your way through each section) and make tiny braids with each section before securing them with a non slip grip ponytail holder .If you have bangs then you'll want to blow dry them but leave the rest of the hair in braids all night - and if you feel confident enough to go out with the braids, then that would be best because the longer you keep them, in the more crimped your hair will be and the longer it will last, but whatever you do make sure you sleep with the braids intact.
    In the morning take the ponytail holders out and slightly massage your scalp but try not to brush your hair otherwise it will become very frizzy. You can keep your newly crimped hair down or take a small section from the front, pull it back and secure it with either a barrette or clip. You will be amazed at how your poker straight hair has transformed into this wild hairdo and you'll want to do it all the time.

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