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Brown Eyed Beauties Are Really Lucky

 Brown Eyed Beauties Are Really Lucky: eye makeup for brown eyes

Brown Eyed Beauty really lucky, because the makeup for brown eyes is very confident. They can experiment with various appearance and color, and very little, not necessary, but not to keep in mind. Light and dark makeup for brown eyes look good. Many of the views that may be considered too harsh on the other eye color of the dress a woman with brown eyes.

It's true - with an eye makeup for brown eyes, your choices are almost limitless - you can use almost any color available, and looks fantastic. If you have brown eyes, then consider yourself very lucky, because you have a much wider range of colors and can have fun experimenting with eye makeup, eye any other color. You are so lucky to be born with dark eyes, because the eye makeup for brown eyes includes these very dark colors, and they can be and have that dramatic, sensual look, without the risk of like a clown.

With your dark eyes, you can also wear black mascara and eyeliner, which focuses on the beautiful brown eyes. If you still have blonde hair and eyelashes are well, brownish-black mascara is more appropriate. Great trick to decorate brown eyes is to use mascara dark blue - the lashes will look black and dark blue a little something extra in your eyes to make them stand out.

When applying eye makeup for brown eyes, remember that your beautiful brown eyes that you want to pay attention and not to the whole person, so do not forget to save the rest of the makeup as neutral as possible. In all cases, if you wear lipstick and blush a bright light with a dramatic shadows, you risk to have a theatrical make-up looks as though you have to be on stage.

To make the look more than they, that a simple extension of his shadow and liner just outside the corner of my eye, remembering to mix it properly. No matter how good the quality of eye makeup for brown eyes you have chosen to really look spectacular, make sure you have a good quality brush, and to which it relates.

Eyeshadow for brown eyes - the color, with brown eyes are deep shades of brown, blue, plum, gold, turquoise, vanilla, violet and purple. Even the shadows, which are harmonic metals such as gold and bronze, will help to identify the color of your eyes. When applying eye shadow, remember the rule - shades lighter than your natural eye color can be used to create the look while subtle shades that are darker and more intensively will provide a breathtaking view of your eyes.

Eyeliner for brown eyes - now let's look at the second stage makeup for brown eyes - your eyeliner. Women with brown eyes, you can experiment with different color inserts. Try different colors such as bronze brown, black, dark gray, dark blue, just to name a few. Decide what look you are trying to create before you start to apply eye makeup for brown eyes. For a natural look, the application will be minimal or eyeliner, you can align the eye shadow. For a more dramatic look, black eyeliner with two light shades. For example, eyeliner plum purple shade of pink or pale with the shadows, you can use eggplant colored eyeliner.

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