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Bandana Hairstyles By Beauty Care

When it comes for rocking hair styles, BANDANA is coming first.This look is easier to master and need for great when you need to get out of the door quickly.

Here are fun and easy hairstyling tutorials that can be done with a bandana or light scarf.

Hope you have Fun!!!

Tying Hair Up

  • One of the most recognizable bandana hairstyles is that of Rosie the Riveter, which is the image and cultural icon that represented women who worked in factories during World War II. To get this hairstyle begin by curling your hair. To get a more authentic look use pin curls or curlers to style it. Next, fold the bandana in half diagonally so that it forms a triangle. Wrap the large side of the triangle around your neck, and tie it at the top of your head. Bring the tip of the bandana up to the knot as well, and slide it beneath the spot where the bandana is tied. If desired, let a few curls in the front peek out.


1. Take your bandana and and fold it diagonally, that should make it a triangle

2. Fold it so the point it touching the straight line

3. Twist your bandana, then put the thick part in the back bring the tips to top and tie it!  

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