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How Makeup Brown Eyes


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How Makeup Brown Eyes

We need not have blue eyes or green to hit at him. Brown Eyes are also attractive and can exploit it through the magic of makeup. If you have eyes of that color, then surely you want to know how to make up for brown eyes stand out.
The shadows are one of the most important paintings of eye makeup. For brown eyes, nothing better than shadow purple, pink, blue or gold, but really depends on the effect you want to give the makeup. If you want a striking look, apply dark shadows in black or brown it will be great too. Once the shadow on your eyelids is ready, blend with your fingers to give a natural touch.
The next step is to apply eyeliner. It uses the classic black or brown eyeliner, but you can also vary according to the color you chose for your shadow: If purple shadow, eyeliner look good in that shade. Remember to draw lightly on top and bottom edges of the eyes.
If we talk about eye makeup can not skip the mascara. A black colored mascara is the best option to lengthen and thicken your lashes, plus it gives depth and impact to the look. Apply mascara on your lashes gently, like you're backcombing, from bottom to top. Once dry, make a second layer.
If you were wondering how to make up brown eyes Here you had the answer. Remember, if you want your eyes are the stars, you have to choose a more natural makeup for the rest of the face: base, a little blush on the cheeks and lip gloss.That's it!
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