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Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes is Almost Endless

 Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes is Almost Endless: Lucky Brown Eyed Women may put on any color and look fantastic. Do you have more choices and options than any other eye color. Because your eyes are dark, you can go with their dark eye makeup and look wonderful and mysterious, and not as a clown.

You can put on black mascara because your eyelashes are naturally dark. Even if you have blonde hair and eyelashes, you can try a brown-black mascara. I enjoyed the dark blue ink with my brown eyes. I have naturally dark lashes with blue mascara, my lashes still look black, but somehow it seems to brighten and highlight eyes.

Brown Eyed Girls can also turn to the black eyeliner - black, dark brown or dark blue. I think dark eyeliner to make it darker to emphasize the eyes, though lighter liners seem to just pay attention to the makeup, but not with the eyes.

Since you can wear almost any color, usually there is a possibility to meet your shade on your clothes. Otherwise, you can go with a neutral like taupe and brown. Pink eyeshadow with a darker color in the crease to really make your eyes sparkle. The gray eye shadow and liner looks great and can give you a smokey eye look, which is watered down enough to wear during the day.

Metallics in gold, bronze, brown and pink family looks great on brown eyes. My favorite make-up Brown Eyes watch will come with a shimmering neutral beige on the lid and use a darker color accent - it may be dark brown, purple, blue or even black and inexperienced. If you're feeling adventurous, you can always coincide with the purple eye shadow with a dark purple eyeliner. (If this is so clear and purple, and it is not flattering - it should look black from a distance.)

We remind you, if you go to the drama and play in the eyes of your beautiful eyes, to be sure and go with a neutral blush and lipstick. Otherwise, you seem too did!

Eye makeup for brown eyes

Choosing makeup for brown eyes brown eyes can be quite complex. Why not? Because unlike other colors for eyes, a woman with brown eyes has a very wide range of shades that are great to watch when it is applied. Virtually all the colors of the rainbow holds all these wonderful tons of minerals. About the only restriction is that you get your skin color and work with him.

If you really want to play your brown eyes look so good in front of smoky eyeshadow. Use it easier for the whole day, and keep the tone is darker brown dramatic entrance during the evening. The second option, and much more fun, lilac. In this case, choose a color that ties in your closet, so to speak. Dusty Violet is much better for the elements of days, and sparkling violets can go out at night to attend the makeup for brown eyes town.Eye

Of course, it is also interesting to mess around with the colors you do not see that often - for example, fishing or sunny yellow. If it is close to the holidays, let the predominant color of the season, your guide! This additional time, if your skin can help you make the final decision. Light-skinned people will work better in soft colors, although black women can reach deep tones for people with confidence

There are different sizes to accommodate a light brown to almost black. For those who have very dark brown eyes, it's good to be composed of something bright eye makeup so that your eyes do not look hard. If you are lucky enough to have brown eyes - the sky is the limit. Believe dramatic experience, gold, bronze, or the same as all shades of purple. Different colors will make your eyes look a little different, so play and see what effect you want.

Eyeshadow for brown eyes to a woman with brown eyes, soft pastels is a good option, especially yellow. Avoid black eyeliner and choose instead of brown. Finally, for someone with brown eyes, use eyeliner hard as bronze or purple, and then with the eye shadow, which is slightly darker than your skin (Purple to be able to).

By the way, if you want to create your brown eyes seem to just extend the eyeliner and shadow only father that corner of my eye. Remember to blend!

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