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Makeup Tips: Famous Views

Makeup Tips: Famous Views: The famous actor Scarlett Johansson is characterized by a soft look and is very bright thanks to his clear eyes. However, not only because of her makeup tricks they do much more: it is connected with a thin black line on the light illuminating, but not quite white, as it is too exaggerated. Finally, use the other boards, he adds a touch of illumination near tears and lots of mascara. Thus, the view gets very bright, full of light and sweetness, but also provocative and beautiful.

Angelina Jolie: cat

Although as with clear eyes, a look of Angelina Jolie is very different from Scarlet. Micron provocative, cat, wild. Note that T Rucos of famous actresses, applied black eyeliner gives a much

For more intensity at the end of the century, and the line stretched around

Centimeter. Thus, stresses the shape of the eye gouged out. Then apply the other boards, with a fine brush or swab, apply a dark eyeshadow for inscription on the base of the eyelashes and blurred the line connecting the top row at the end of the century. Finally, it emphasizes the look with two coats of mascara. It is very natural and almost the color of eyes, or is still used, but very, very nice.

Penelope Cruz: a closer look

Thank you to makeup tips, a famous actor from Madrid Penelope Cruz gets intense and penetrating gaze. Its most common sight to align the eyes with black eyeliner, long charging the upper eyelid, in particular. Then apply a shade of black or gray on the upper eyelid, and something in the century, the lower color. With these tips for a perfect make-up eyes, Penelope tries to emphasize the eyes brown.

Another of his tricks to apply some makeup shade more clearly from the nearest part of the nose. His goal, while illuminating, is that it seems that your eyes are more remote.
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