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Collistar - Blu Lamé

Hi everyone, for this post I have a blue gem to show you, Blu Lamé from the Italian high end cosmetics brand Collistar. Blue Lamé is my first high end polish. I pai€12.50 for this bottle of 10ml/0.3fl.oz., which is an amount I rarely spend on polish. But this looked so, so beautiful in te bottle. A denim blue with silver shimmer, which dries with a foily, satin matt finish which reminds of the OPI Suedes. Blue and shimmer and foil and matt, how could I ever resist that, right? Well, I didn't :) In the store I was still hesitating if I should buy it or not, considering the high price, but finally the beauty of it won me over and besides, I hadn't bought nail polish for a while at the moment. Anyways, Blue Lamé... Words can't express how pretty I find it. Look at that finish! And it's just as pretty with a glossy topcoat. But the perfection doesn't stop there, it's also a true one-coater! And with the best formula you can imagine, it makes it so pleasant to apply. And even though it's a matt polish, the formula is very smooth and it doesn't dry too fast, so you can just comfortably apply everything nice and even in a quick 'swoosh'. So yes, it costs more than other polishes, but it's definitely worth it. Needless to say it's one of my favorite polishes, ever! ;)

With topcoat
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