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Sephora - Diving In Malaysia

Hi everyone! Today I have a special polish to show you, it's Sephora's Diving In Malaysia, supposedly a Chanel Peridot dupe. Now, I don't own the famous Peridot, so I can't make a real comparison. But from the many pictures floating on the web, you can tell they're very similar. Like Peridot, Diving In Malaysia is an olive gold shimmer with a multichrome effect. In the bottle, it looks gorgeous. There are flashes of vivid blue, green and even purple. So pretty. But unfortunately that rainbow isn't that evident on the nails, where only the greens shows up. Still I think it's very intruiging, the way the gold subtly changes to green is just beautiful and makes it different than all my other gold shimmers. So I am beyond happy with this unique polish in my collection. And having paid only €4.05 (with 30% discount) to get this close to the real deal was a nice plus, which my wallet also appreciated very much. The regular price for Diving In Malaysia is €5.80 for a bottle of 5ml/0.16fl.oz. Chanel Peridot costs €22 for 14ml/0.5fl.oz. You do the math :)

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