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How to Host a Royal Wedding Celebration

We all love a good celebration and the wedding of Prince William, Kate Middleton will be celebrated by thousands of people around the world. Well, if you can not be in London to enjoy the atmosphere and along the streets, so why not your own little morning tea party?

Start by making a list of friends if it's a little morning tea is 8 to 10 people is generally a nice number, because without overloading to justice. You can choose to order by phone or online request. But I think a handwritten invitation to the e-mail is written is really the best way in today's society, the extra effort is appreciated. Maybe you want some wedding invitation stationary and use it for your morning tea, add to the fun. Make sure you put them in the mail at least three weeks before your event to meet people enough time to RSVP and precautions.

Decorations for the day should be themed around England, of course. Fly or Pin-up of the Union Jack flag in a place of honor somewhere if you have access to one. You will get slightly crepe streamers in a string in red, blue and white. Get out your best crockery and cutlery for the day should, tea from a teapot and teacups and saucers are served. Review the art of tea by searching on Google, you will be surprised to find what you are.

Finger food on shelves to complete your celebration. Maybe you want to use your fingers traditional cucumber sandwich or egg salad. Some candies are like fine chocolate and mini cupcakes will be appreciated. Put some thought into your cupcakes, because they can be made and decorated especially for this occasion Royal.
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First you must decide what should be your taste cupcakes and it is an opportunity based in English, I make the following proposals. Make English tea, rose water or lavender cupcakes or you could do a citrus flavor of orange or other. These cookies should be light and delicate in texture and taste. The icing should not be over either. Made only a small amount of butter cream or plain simple whipped cream would be wedding dress shop.

Now for the fun part: Decorate cupcakes. You can search online for some sections of the Union Jack to cook muffins and bake muffins in this or plan red, blue and white lining to find. You can choose to make your cupcakes with red cap, blue and white candy sprinkles with a Union Jack flag toothpick at the top.

Another choice for a royal wedding cupcake toppers would be to keep your cupcakes in red, white and blue wedding dress   litter edible. You could hose red, blue and white icing on cupcakes or putting more carefully separate the three colors of icing in a pastry bag for three-color glaze. Edible Images is the Union Jack or a picture of the happy couple to acquire jointly available and the choice of a simple decoration.

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