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All in!

Hello followers! Second post today. This mani was my entry for a national nailart contest at the Dutch site Girlscene.nl, sponsored by Herôme, a Dutch nailcare brand. Herôme already had many nailcare products and since a while they also have their own nailpolish collection called World Inspired Colours, consisting out of 79 polishes, all named after big cities all over the world. The challenge was to let your nailart creation be inspired by such a big city, so guess which city I picked... That's right, Vegas, baby! Though I've never been to Las Vegas, or anywhere in the U.S., movies, TV shows, music, images and internet let you taste a little of what it's like there. So based on that, Vegas (partly) reminds me of money, luxery, odds/luck, decadence and glitter, all in the surounding of hundreds of casino's. And that's what I wanted to capture on my nails. I spent ages on this mani, but the price to be won would be worth it! The winner of the contest would receive the entire W.I.C. collection of 79 polishes! So all this time I had my fingers crossed... hoping they'd pick me out of all the entries... Though my hopes weren't high, since they must've had hundreds of entries. But! Today I received an e-mail from Girlscene... saying I had won! My Las Vegas mani had actually been chosen as winner of the contest! I just couldn't believe it and still don't. I've never won anything besides small coloring-contests when I was little, haha. So that e-mail really made my day... My week! Month! Year! You know... And it feels like a little make-up for not winning Orlica's Disney contest, hahah :P

All the designs are freehanded except for the index finger which needed a little help from tape. And that little shiny thing on my ringfinger is a rhinestone, pretending to be a roulette ball.

Thanks for reading this looong post, if you've made it this far, hahah. And have a great night :)
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