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My Favorite Jeans goes lightning bolt

Hi everyone! Hope you're having a great day. The mani for today's post is an update of the second lightning bolt French I did, it was turquoise with black tips. The day I was wearing that mani I found a polish that I wanted for so long but since it's discontinued I didn't think I would find it again. I'm talking about H&M's My Favorite Jeans. Lately I've been obsessed with foils, especially if they're blue, and that's exactly what My Favorite Jeans is. The first time I had it in my hands, I wasn't that much into nailpolish yet, I thought both color and finish were weird, so I put it back. I can slap myself now for doing that! So fortunately I found one last lonely bottle of it on the bottom shelf of an H&M! My favorite Jeans is a foil with a grey-ish blue base, kind of like jeans, with bolder blue flecks. The flecks are subtle but make the polish less dull. I love it :) And it was also the perfect polish to add some shimmer to the lightnig bolt design I was wearing. I just applied tape again the way I always do for the lightning bolt, only this time I placed the tape a bit more towards the tip, covering up a little part of the black. So that after adding My Favorite Jeans and removing the tape, there's still a line of black visible. Finally I added a layer of matt topcoat, the one I use is from Essence.

I like how the mani came out and that it only takes little effort to achieve the look. If you want to recreate it and could use some help, just check out the tutorial by clicking here or in the tab at the top.
Thanks for reading guys!

Before Mr. Matt

Before My Favoroite Jeans
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